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Camille Rogers

by Camille Rogers on April 15, 2013

in HOA Litigation

Lately, the Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer has received calls regarding Homeowners Association matters.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer would like to share a few of their previously posted blogs pertaining to HOA matters. Our firm has handled many disputes dealing with such matters. If you need legal representation for an HOA related issue or any other real estate related matter, don’t hesitate to contact us at (650) 327 – 2900 or visit us at www.BrewerFirm.com. 

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3 Things to Look Out For When Buying Into an HOA 

When a buyer is handed a thick stack of documents from the property management company and faced with just a few days to remove the inspection contingency, it’s tempting to avoid reading these poorly photocopied, blurry, text-dense pages. Don’t avoid reading these critical documents!

What are the CC&R’s? They stand for…


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HOA Litigation: A How To Guide

Recently, there has been a rise in disputes between homeowners and their Homeowners’ Associations (“HOAs”).  While many HOAs are willing to work with their members, others prove to be less accommodating.  In these cases, the law has provided specific procedures to resolve disputes between HOAs and homeowners.

As a matter of law, HOAs are required to have an…


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Can the City Restrict What Kind of Antenna I can Have?

As a general rule, the First Amendment protects one’s right to receive ‘suitable access’ to meaningful television broadcasts (seriously!).  City ordinances restricting height, screening, and setback of satellite dishes that are content neutral are a valid regulation for health, safety, and aesthetics and do not violate the First Amendment.  Regulations issued under the Federal Communications Act preempt local regulation of satellite dishes, unless the ordinance has…

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