Nuisance Law Series

Camille Rogers

by Camille Rogers on April 14, 2014

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If you find yourself dealing with a neighborhood nuisance issue, it is very important to familiarize yourself with remedies that can help mitigate these matters. Check out our Nuisance Law Series! We hope you find these blog articles helpful. As always, if you have any questions about a potential real estate legal matter, please contact the Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer at (650) 327-2900 or to learn more about our firm, please visit us on the web at


By: Simon Offord, Esq. (Click image for bio)

There Goes the Neighborhood… An Overview of Nuisance Law

What can you do if someone moves in to your Palo Alto neighborhood and suddenly the neighborhood you were used to has completely changed?  In certain instances, the newcomer’s presence may constitute a nuisance, and you may be able to…

There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 2)… Damages Available Resulting from Nuisance

In my previous article titled “There Goes the Neighborhood,” I provided an overview of some of the activities that can constitute a nuisance.  In this article, I will discuss the types of remedies that are available if you are able to prove the existence of a nuisance.

The owner of property that is adversely affected by a nuisance has remedies to enjoin its continuance and/or recover damages for past injury.  In order to obtain these remedies, the injured party can either…

Do Trees Qualify as a Fence Under the California Spite Fence Statute?

The California Legislature has carved out specific rules to deal with an issue that commonly causes disputes among neighbors: spite fences.   A “spite fence” is the generic term for any structure that harms a homeowner when that harm is the purpose behind …

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